v0.2.36 (pre-alpha)

Before you start:

Hello, my name is Nick and I am working on this game alone.
This game is different from other 3D games because I made the engine on my own, too.

I removed the MMO part completely. So at the moment there is only single player. I will add a multi player in future.

First of all StoneQuest needs a decent GPU to run properly. GTX 980 is fine for high-detail settings.

StoneQuest must be installed in a directory, where it can write game data. There is no extra installation.

When you download this game, don't worry about virus warnings. I've been fighting with this for years, but because I am updating the game very often, there are false virus warnings again and again. As long as you get the exe file from this site, you can be sure, that there is nothing evil in it.
The first start takes a while for me, because of virus checking (I am using free Avira).
Also don't worry about the 900 KB download. If all works fine, the content is downloaded in-game, so you will see the progress. Because of much procedural stuff, there is only about 13 MB of content. But because of caching the stuff for faster start, some game content will be cached on your HDD... and that could be several hundreds of MBs.

Got problems? Send me an email.
Don't forget, this is a PreAlpha with a million bugs. Maybe I can fix one or two of them today! :D

And now, have fun!

It hurts to see,

that the download is always blocked and marked with false positive warnings. So I decide to remove it now. But I am very optimistic that StoneQuest will come back. I started to learn web programming and so I can create a JavaScript + WebGL version!
So StoneQuest becomes cross-platform and runs directly in your browser!
So stay tuned...
You can already try an early, early version by hitting the flask! :D